247 Days Book Launch - April 24, 2016.  

St. John's Seminary Brighton. 


1060 Catholic Radio Boston invited Apostles Club members and special guests to attend a discussion of the recently released book, 247 Days: Fr. Daniel Kennedy, a Proud and Happy Priest. The gathering was co-sponsored by St. John's Seminary, the Archdiocesan Vocations Office and the Serra Club of Boston.

Daniel J. Kennedy, Sr., the book's author, was interviewed by 1060's Scot Landry about the book and his son, Father Daniel Kennedy.  

For more information, please visit 247days.org or 1060Catholic.org.  

In this video, Janet Benestad (GM of 1060 Catholic Radio Boston) welcomes everyone, followed by Fr. Chip Hines who leads the attendees in prayer. Then Scot Landry interviews Daniel J. Kennedy Sr.  

[Note: the audio quality for Mr. Kennedy is excellent. The audio for the rest of the speakers is captured by Mr. Kennedy's lapel microphone, so it isn't as clear as Mr. Kennedy's.]